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   Finally..You come first !

We understand, that right now you just want to see what is available. Feel free to search to     your hearts content. If you have a question, get in touch with us and we will give you assistance.

The days of all home listings being secret or only accessible from an agent are long gone. We recognize our value is in our knowledge and ability to close transactions.

When you narrow your search down, that is the time to bring in an educated counselor. You really don’t need someone looking over your shoulder while you gather information.  You can use your phone, ipad, android, etc. You can use all the data Zillow has gathered by going to my Century 21 Redwood page

Experience has taught us that our value is found in the analysis and consultation area. We don’t decide, we negotiate. We believe that allowing the consumer to make decisions based on good information should have been a standard business practice from the start.

To that end……..say hello to our style of business . . . Real Estate Harmony

Begin by clicking on the “Your Comfort Zone”  link in the navigation bar………answer some basic question about yourself….Then…click on the “Things We Need to Know About You”  link in the navigation bar…answer some basic questions about what you are looking for …We will assimilate the information and match you with an agent that will MEET or EXCEED your needs….it is a brand new way of practicing real estate.

Imagine that . . . what you want actually matters. Go figure.